concept ideation +

We immerse ourselves in the client's culture in order to position the concept to successfully fill an identified need in the marketplace. Development of the mood board, interior architecture, floor plan, facilities planning and kitchen design have all evolved to a point where project budgeting and planning can begin.

design +

Material and FF&E sourcing, oversight of project installations in collaboration with architectural and construction groups to ensure that the aesthetic identity of our venues is congruent with the concept behind F&B programing.

project management +

Side by side stewardship with the owners of the interior design process, facilities planning, architectural drawings, and kitchen design with each of the teams assigned to the tasks. This process includes both personal oversight as well as documented management and accountability via our project-timeline spreadsheets that assign task responsibility and timeline expectation to each individual task from ideation to completion.

menu development +

The menu determines the general vibe and positioning of the concept: Fast casual, casual upscale, fine dining, design & aesthetics and much more. All the way down to the font and tactile feel of the physical menu itself.

branding & market positioning +

Where the venue brand fits within the overarching property brand. This includes logo, signage, menu design, service collateral (napkins, matchbooks, coasters, to-go service), uniform design and PR & marketing material.


Project budgeting in each of the areas of design, interior architecture, demolition, construction and installation, as well as pre-opening soft costs are established and managed to project completion.

financial forecasting +

We base these reports on certain givens such as check average, meal periods, operational calendar, overhead and operating expenses to insure the project “pencils” in accordance with the overall fiduciary expectations of the client as it relates to hospitality revenue.


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